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Would you like to print your book? Contact Us.

We understand the creative effort that goes into writing and we're proud to help you turn your work into high a high quality book. Here are three options for getting started.


Option 1. Talk to our book consultant.

If you'd like personal service and to discuss your project with us you can make an appointment with Jo our Book Consultant.
Phone:  03 353 0739.

Option 2. See our "Printabook" web site

If you'd like the most economical price for printing from print ready files, can't visit us or live in another part of New Zealand try our online service at is a quote request form at the printabook web site.

Option 3. Use our free software to create photo books

We have a unique system that provides you with free design and layout software to make photo books. See

Free Information Guide

11th Edition Just Released

Our free 74 page book on self publishing and preparing books for printing is now available. Click here to receive your free publishing guide.


Phone: 03 353 0739