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Castles in the Sea Taupo Point

By Peter Geen. Gold Medal Award Winner.



By Jacob Ryan, 2017.

You will see local Christchurch artist Jacob Ryan's artworks showcased all around the central city in forms of street art.


Snow Clouds over Torlesse

By Kelvin McMillan, 2011.

Christchurch artist.


The Juggler

By Mehrdad Tahan, Gold Medal 2007.

The Juggler is very lifelike and is often admired by those who see it. Printed from a studio photograph taken of the original art work. This canvas measures 594mm x 840mm.


Four Stretched Canvas Frames

These individual smaller canvases are an example of what we produce for many customers. The photography in them looks stunning when printed onto canvas and stretched by our quality framer.


Portrait of John

By Mehrdad Tahan. Highly Commended 2006.

This is a charcoal drawing using only the artist's fingers and charcoal that he made himself. Mehrdad insisted on rich blacks and fine detail, both of which were achieved in the print.


Wedding Photos

Wedding photography on canvas creates an artwork from your special day.


Owl Eyes

By Kate Smith. Gold Medal 2007

Owl Eyes shows the detail that is possible to reproduce using our Gilclée process. Scanned in house and printed onto German Etching watercolour paper with our K3 pigment inks, our artist Kate is very pleased with the results.


Bert's Backyard

Gold Medal 2004.

This image has been cropped to fit our page. Its shows part of a print from an original by Lawrence Leitch and illustrates the fine detail and vibrant colours that capture the character of a rural New Zealand of the past. Lawrence is an internationally acclaimed artist who sells his originals and prints throughout the world.